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Active Softest Shell Stedman Collection Stedman Catalogue
Stedman® 2017

New catalogue, new styles, new logo

LUKE Long Sleeve Henley T-shirt 9 brand-new styles extend the broad range of classics, fashionable apparel and functional outdoor and sportswear clothing:
For example, with the Active Softest Shell Jacket, Stedman® introduces a versatile lightweight jacket for all-year outdoor activities.
Men can look forward to a variation of modern Henley T-shirts, three short or long-sleeved styles with a 3-button placket.
The Finest Cotton-T debuts as an ultralight T-shirt with a premium look and feel and high elasticity.

To discover all of our new styles please visit
www.stedman.eu or flip through our online catalogue

In 2017, we do not only showcase our latest collection, but take the opportunity to introduce our new modernised brand logo, transferring the well-known ellipsis in vibrant Stedman® red to a refreshed form.
SHAWN Henley T-shirt SHAWN Henley T-shirt SHAWN Long Sleeve Henley T-shirt SHAWN Long Sleeve Henley T-shirt

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