Established in 1953, in the USA, for more than six decades Stedman® has built up a reputation for quality leisure wear.Today we supply high-quality clothing for promotions at attractive prices all over the world.


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Black Opal | BLO
Black Opal Mela. | BOM
Cream White | CRW
Nano Black | BLK
Nano White | WHT
White | WHI
Winter White | WWI
Anthra Heather | ANH
Anthra Melange | ANM
Aqua Heather | AQH
Ash | ASH
Asphalt | ASP
Bahama Green | BAH
Blue Melange | BUM
Blue Midnight | BLM
Blue Transition | BLT
Bordeaux | BOD
Bottle Green | BOG
Bright Lime | BLI
Bright Royal | BRR
Brilliant Blue | BBL
Brilliant Orang. | BOR
Burgundy Red | BGR
Charcoal Heathe. | CHH
Cherry Heather | CEH
Coral | CAL
Crimson Red | CSR
Cupcake Pink | CUP
Cyber Orange | COR
Cyber Yellow | CBY
Daisy Yellow | DYY
Dark Blue | DAB
Dark Chocolate | DCH
Dark Grey Melan. | DGM
Dark Grey Trans. | DGT
Deep Berry | DBY
Deep Lilac | DLC
Denim Blue | DMB
Dolphin Grey | DOG
Earth Green | EGR
Frosted Blue | FRO
Granite Grey | GRG
Green Flash | GFL
Green Melange | GRM
Grey Heather | GYH
Grey Steel | GRS
Hawaii Blue | HWB
Horizon | HOR
Hunters Green | HGR
Indian Yellow | INY
Kelly Green | KEG
King Blue | KIB
King Blue Melan. | KBM
Kiwi Green | KIW
Kiwi Melange | KWM
Lavender Purple | LAP
Light Blue | LBL
Light Grey | LGY
Light Grey Mela. | LGM
Light Grey Tran. | LGT
Marina Blue | MAB
Marina Blue Mel. | MBM
Marina Heather | MAH
Military Green | MIL
Navy Blue | NAV
Navy Heather | NAH
Ocean Blue | OCB
Olive Melange | OLM
Orange | ORA
Orchid | OCH
Pacific Blue | PAB
Pepper Red | PER
Powder Blue | PBL
Powder Green | PGN
Powder Grey | PGY
Powder Rose | PRO
Pumpkin | PUM
Pumpkin Heather | PUH
Pumpkin Melange | PPM
Purple Heather | PRH
Purple Melange | PRM
Real Grey | RGY
Salmon | SAL
Salmon Pink | SAP
Scarlet Red | SRE
Silver Grey | SIG
Slate Grey | SLG
Soft Grey | SGY
Stone | STO
Sweet Pink | SPK
True Blue | TUB
Turquoise | TUQ
Vintage Blue | VBL
Vintage Brown | VBR
Vintage Grey | VGR
Vintage Rose | VRO
Yellow | YEL





  • 17 Dec2018
    Finally, it’s 2019 and the Stedman® collection is filled with exciting news again! 15 brand-new styles and nine fresh, ultra-modern colours extend our extensive range of promotional, sports and leisure wear. At Stedman® we do not only have a heart for modern (...) read more
  • 21 Dec2017
    Stedman® in 2018 – that‘s five product lines and a total of 18 brand new styles. The „Classic-T Organic“ is one of the (...) read more
  • 22 Dec2016
    Stedman® Stars – The fashion line. In recent years, a little product range named “Stedman® Stars” has evolved into an extensive selection of over 35 fashionable T-shirts and polo shirts, perfectly suitable for the promotional market. We have been developing (...) read more
  • 14 Dec2015
    The new year cannot come fast enough for Stedman® fans who want to explore the exciting new range of T-shirts, Polos, Jackets and Sweats we have to offer in 2016. You will be spoilt for choice with 23 brand-new styles and 23 gorgeous new colours. From casual streetwear to functional (. read more
  • 27 Apr2015
    European company for high-grade printable T-shirts operates under new name Aachen, 27 April 2015. From now on Smartwares Printables GmbH, one of the leading companies in Europe for printable corporate clothing, operates under the new name Stedman GmbH. The British company (...) read more
  • 15 Dec2014
    Brand-new Stedman® Stars will sweep you off your feet We launched our new range “Stedman® Stars” last year and the products got their well-deserved applause! In 2015 our Stedman® Stars are truly enjoying their VIP-status and we are adding some (...) read more
  • 20 May2014
    Stedman® Active surprises with 9 brand-new styles It’s all about freedom of movement! We’ve introduced our super smooth ACTIVE-DRY° interlock styles at the beginning of the year. Now we’re not only adding on to them, we’re giving you even more freedom of (...) read more
  • 01 Jan2014
    Would you like an autograph? The brand new Stedman® Stars are in town! It doesn’t matter if you’re tall and slim or short and curvaceous – the new Stedman® Stars offer perfect fits: Body Fit and Regular Fit. Inspired by retail they satisfy your needs of modern (...) read more
  • 01 Jan2014
    We proudly present our newly extended Stedman® Active line for 2014! We started out with our cozy Active Fleece styles last year and people shouted “we want more”! So here we are: more Active than ever! Stedman® Active means modern and functional styles in new (...) read more
  • 01 Jan2014
    Looking for a basic promotion T-shirt? Stedman® offers 27 basic promotion styles in basic colours. And this year we snuck some adorable fashion colours in! First things first! Our basic range is complemented by our new CLASSIC-T FITTED for men: the body fit alternative of our (...) read more
  • 01 Oct2013
    This fall Stedman® expands its colour range for two Active Fleece styles: both men’s Active Fleece Jacket and Active Fleece Vest will from now on be available in the new colour BLUE MIDNIGHT (colour code: BLM / reference: Pantone 532 (...) read more
  • 27 Sep2013
    Visit us in Stuttgart at the TV TecStyle Visions 2014 (“international trade fair for textile decoration and promotion”). We look forward to presenting you our latest styles in Hall 6 at stand B40 on February (...) read more
  • 01 Jan2012
    We know that no one ever regretted buying quality, but do they get value for money? Stedman offers outstanding value and quality apparel, perfect for the promotional market. Stedman offers you a streamlined range of 24 essential products all of which are tried and trusted. Every (...) read more
  • 01 Jan2011
    Great quality coupled with hard-to-beat prices – that’s Stedman! The 2011 catalogue shows a streamlined range of 24 essential products on 60 exciting pages. Each product is presented on a double page. At the end of the catalogue a matrix gives a clear overview of the whole collection. As a (. read more


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