Web bannera

Below we provide you with web banners in a variation of formats, each package focused on a specific topic.

Formats: 560x265, 576x340, 608x557, 800x800, 820x230, 900x500, 1200x500, 1257x340, 1300x500, 1903x390, 1920x520, 1920x594, 2000x551

Let us know if you require a specific format that is not included here!

Polo Men

This banner presents: Stedman® Classic Polo for men

Clive & Claire

Stedman® Clive & Claire T-shirts

Active 140 Mesh

Stedman® Active 140 Mesh T-shirts

Clive & Claire Polos

Stedman® Clive & Claire polo shirts

Lux Padded Jackets & Vests

Stedman® Lux Padded Jackets & Vests

Lux Softshell

Stedman® Lux Softshell Jackets

Lux Jackets

Stedman® Lux Jackets & Vests

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