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Stedman® – More than just your average T-shirts!

Did you know that the Stedman® brand was founded more than six decades ago in the USA? Back in 1953, the Stedman Manufacturing Company, based in Asheboro, North Carolina, started manufacturing sportswear and undergarments for men and boys. Now, more than 60 years later, we are proudly following in the footsteps of our founders and continue to further develop their ideas.
Four basic products were introduced at the European market launch in Paris on 18 September, 2001: Classic-T, Junior Classic-T, Comfort-T and Polo. The product portfolio grew quickly as awareness of the brand increased. Today, Stedman® is one of the most successful European brands, providing top-quality promotional clothing at attractive prices. The current collection comprises more than 150 styles for men, women, juniors, children and unisex styles: from T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts up to fashionable sportswear!

We are constantly growing and evolving!

Our development department is constantly in touch with the market and researching important new advances and innovations in the areas of materials, colours, shapes, forms and cuts. We pick up on the latest trends in the retail sector and tailor them to the promotional wear segment. Our styles are inspired by retail and fully meet the high standards for modern promotional wear at the same time: Optimal fits and cuts, bright colours and new material compositions offer a perfect base for textile finishing.
Many of our products (e.g. the complete Jackets & Fleece line) do not have printed or sewn-on neck labels – only a small size label in the collar; the care label is sewn into the side seam. This gives our customers the widest possible range of design options for “private labelling”.

Highest quality right from the start!

Even early on during the design phase of new Stedman® styles, we already focus intensively on the needs and requirements of our customers, who are primarily purchasing items for promotional purposes. Accordingly, the suitability of the basic materials with respect to textile finishing plays a particularly important role at Stedman®. For example, we make sure there are no obstructing, unwanted seams or darts in the printable areas. In addition, we test all products in advance to determine the optimum finishing options. In cooperation with our manufacturers, we are continuously further developing our basic materials in order to provide consistently excellent products.

We demand the best quality for our Stedman® cotton products as well. We use only high-quality, ring-spun cotton yarns for production. These yarns are much softer and more skin-friendly than cheaper, rough open-end yarns, and because ring-spun fibres have a higher density, they are also stronger and more durable. There are several other advantages as well, including a more even and smooth appearance of the fabric, which in turn provides a better base for textile finishing.
For many styles in the Stedman® collection, "full-feeder" technology is used to process combed ring-spun cotton thread together with elastane thread, which ensures even distribution of elastane across the entire surface of the fabric. The result is a soft and supple fabric with extremely high wearing comfort, excellent shape retention, and a very smooth surface that is ideally suited for textile printing.
All our articles are subject to strict quality controls. With our own quality management team on site, we ensure that our high demands on material and product properties are met in production. Stedman stands reliably for tested high quality, which you can trust!

We are committed to responsibility!

Member of amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. We participate in amfori BSCI. For more information visit www.amfori.org

Today's business world demands that we provide continually better products and services at competitive prices. And acting responsibly and ethically is just as crucial. Integrity and compliance with the regulations and standards that govern our global business sphere are therefore essential. At Stedman®, we are aware of our responsibility and act accordingly. For us, sustainability is not just a trend, it has been a firmly established part of our business ethics code right from the start.

Stedman® is committed to global environmental protection through our ecologically responsible management and operations. We strive to continuously improve our environmental footprint by conserving resources, reducing waste, and using water, energy and raw materials as efficiently as possible.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team monitors and inspects the production facilities to ensure compliance with our high standards regarding working conditions and social and environmental issues. We do NOT work with subcontractors, because we want to assure optimal quality control. The CSR team carefully and diligently screens our manufacturers’ occupational safety policies and practices on a regular basis.
Our clothing and accessories comply with the requirements* of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Product class II: articles that are worn close to the skin). Furthermore we trade in accordance with the prescriptions of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI). The principles, requirements and regulations are considered extremely important and are strictly implemented by our company and our business partners.

About Stedman®

Since 1953, the Stedman® brand has stood for reliable product quality, excellent value for money and ethically responsible manufacturing conditions. Today Stedman® provides top-quality promotional clothing at attractive prices. Based in Aachen, Germany, and with warehouses in Ghent, Belgium, and Zagreb, Croatia, Stedman® enjoys a strong market presence in 40 countries. With Stedman® you choose our experience and our customer service but more importantly you choose our core values: quality, ethics, eco-friendliness and responsible manufacturing.

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